Wazifa To Increase Your Salary

Wazifa To Increase Your Salary

Wazifa To Increase Your Salary , ” From last some days many of you asking about Wazifa to Increase Your Salary so on your demand we are sharing this valuable wazeefa that is 100% effective and useful. We already used it and get benefits from it. After every prayer ( Five times a day ) read Hundred times ” Bismillah ir rahman ir raheem ” and then after that pray for your self.

Agar aap apni Salary mein izafa chahtey hain tou iss wazeefe ko zaroor parhein yeh amal shuru karne k kuch hi din baad apko achi khabar miley gi.

Uper di gai ayat ko Din mein 5 waqt namaz ke baad 100 dafa parhein. Mazeed umda wazaif ke liye dobara visit karna na bhooliye ga. aur yeh post doosro’n ke sath share karna bhi.

Wazifa To Increase Your Salary

As usual it is also an easy Wazifa having great benefits inside it, which is increase in your income/ salary or wealth. As a Muslim I hope you would Have strictly follow 5 times prayers.

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What you have to do is to read “BISMILLAH-IR-RAHMA-IR-RAHEEM” for only 100 tomes after every
prayer, and pray for your increase in income. You will see that soon your income will start increasing with barakat of this worship of ALLAH.

Urdu Explaination:- Ap ko sirf ye karna ha k Panchon Namazon k bad sirf 100 martaba “BISMILLAH SHARIF” ka wird apna mamul bana len or dua karte rahen 1 hafte k bad he is k asrat apko nazar ane lagen gay k apki salary ya income increase ho gi IN SHA ALLAH AZZA WA JAL

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