Wazifa To Get Respect From Husband, “People desire to be liked by every one. No matter you are an adult or teenagers, you also like respect and popularity. Especially teenagers now a days want to be accepted. They want to be popular. This is their wish to maintain or improve their social standing. No one ever see that a popular teenager roll up to school in the morning, pause, and think deeply about how to become unpopular.

To become popular some times leads to may bad decisions for unpopular persons. Which may coz problem for other and for them also. But this is a fact that every human want to be respectful and popular. They also want to be listened and their decisions should be Accepted.

Wazifa To Get Respect From Husband

Izzat aur Shohrat Ke Liye Wazifa

Here is a very simple and unharmful wazifa. You only have to recite 500 times Ya Raheemu after Fajar salat daily. within in few days you will start seeing changes, every one will start loving you, give you respect and accept what you say.


Her insan ki ye shadeed kowahish hoti hai k log usey pasand karen. Chahye bacha ho ya bara. Aap bhi ye hi chahtey han k mashrey men aap ki izat ho aur aap mashhor hojain. Kiyon k jis ki izat hoti hai jis ki shuhrat hoti hai log us ki baat mantey han aur suntey han.

Kia kabhi aap ney kisi asey nojwan ko deykha hai tu mashhor ho aur wo ye sochey k wo ye mashhori keysey khatam karey ?, kabhi nahi asa insan aap ko nai mailey ga. Log izat paney aur mashhor honey k liye baaz oqaat bohet ghalat fasley bhi ker jatey han, asey kaam bhi kerjatey han jo na sirf un k liye nuqsan dey hotey han bulkey dosron ko bhi us sey takleef hoti hai. Sikar woman waiting for her husband return

Izzat aur Shohrat Ke Liye Wazifa Respect and Obedience in Urdu

Ye ek Bohet asan sa wazifa hai, Fajar k baad 500 bar, Ya Raheemu phr liya karen, in shaa Allah kuch hi dino men log aap ki izat kerney lagain gey, wazifa for Husband and Wife

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