New shadi ka wazifa special, “Hit constructive variety of shadi and manpasand shadi wazifa range for you to select from according to your situation ,it covers all the issues regarding shadi and love relationship in marriage for both girls and boys .a gift and special guidance for new age people who want to solve their problems by wazeefa and spirituality.

Shadi ka wazifa:

This is a famous wazifa for marriage and has been used since centuries by arabic scholars .this has to be done on each thursday for at least 4 to 6 weeks in the following manner at night time  after 12 o clock: Wazifa For Jaldi Love Nikah

  • say your isha prayers
  • recite durood for 11 times
  • recite surah wadduha  for 101 times
  • say adhan 1 times
  • again read durood for 11 times

by doing this you will find your beloved partner for shadi in 3 to 4 weeks .


New shadi ka Wazifa special

This wazeefa for pasand ki shadi means the person you love is for getting married to your desired person and shall be done by person him/her self to obtain the desired goal.get the following things before you proceed: Pasand ki shadi hone ka wazifa

  • incense of jasmin
  • coals
  • lighter
  • a lamp
  • olive oil

light the coal and sprinkle the incense bukhoor slowly on the coal as you enchant the wazifa,keep the lamp of olive oil burning till you finish.Now recite Allah’S name ”al musawwir”  for 11000 times.Do this for 7 days and your wish will come true.



Shadi ke liye wazifa:

This is a king wazeefa for shadi is to recite this powerful name of god after each prayer for 1100 times and then blow it on a glass of water mixed with rose water and drink it for success.The name which has to be recited and known as ism e azam is”allah husmad”and works very fast for this issue.


wazifa shadi girls:

If there are lot of hurdle coming in the way of girls shadi them by doing this all black magic curse spell or evil eye can be take 7 sticks of a bamboo tree and make them into one by a help of a rope or a cut them into half and put them in a tub of water under the stars for 7 days .the recite the following wazefa on it:

  • 9 times last three surah of quran
  • 13 times chal quaf
  • 7 times 7 salams equals 49
  • last durood 11 times

now  the one effected shall take shower with that water for a week and good proposals will start coming ending up in a happy shaadi.


Best wazifa for shadi:

A complete chila of surah muzzamil is the best remedy for shadi.The proper way to do it it by ijazat or permission of your sheikh,once you have obtained a connection,recite it daily just for 11 times and it would be easy for you if you learn it by keep in mind the your time of starting shall be sharp same daily as it is the key for success.


Quick wazifa for shadi:

The quickest wazefa for shadi suggested is to do the following wazeefa on the wednesday of new moon in the hour of mercury.this shall be done under open sky .Get the incense of wood called uood and prepare your burning coals to sprinkle it during your fallow the following procedure:

  • read 1 tasbeeh durood sharif
  • then 1100 times ”salamun qulum mir rabbir raheem”
  • recite surah nasar for 11 times
  • at end read 1 tasbeeh durood sharif

Do this with full faith and belief and say 2 rakat namaz salat o hajat before that and see the results.


Powerful shadi vazeefa:

The most result oriented and powerful simple shadi vazeefa is to recite surah maryam daily and blow it on a dress which has been wore for at least 24 hours .Do this consecutively for 2 weeks and the wrap that cloth and put it in a clay pot and throw it in the running will be surprised with outcome.


Shadi ka wazifa in quran:

Quran has solution of all the problems in life and there are some special ayats there which can speed up and remove hurdles in shadi .so theses are the surah wazaif for such problems.

Recitation of these of done in the form of a vazeefa just once daily can bring outstanding results.


Jaldi shadi k liye:

The following verse  of quran if recited in the form of vazifa as per selected time and space shall bring fruitful results for you.

”hasbunallah ho la ilaha illah ho aylie he tawakkaltu wa hoa rabbul arshil azeem”

  • bismillah 19 times before this
  • then this verse for 1100 times
  • drood 100 times
  • bismillah 19 times at end

This will make shadi procedure quick and fast.



Manpasand shadi ke liye wazefa:

To make your manpasand shadi you must perform the following but remember one thing that couples are made in heaven and the marriages are celebrated on earth.So you can try to succeed doing this vazifa and get possible results and the person you want but if you fail you shall keep in mind that a man can not get what ever he wishes but he has to make his best effort to get it.The following is suggested for manpasand shadi to a specific person loved.recite surah rehman in the following way:

  • on the new moon thursday start this vazeefa
  • surah rehman daily for 11 times
  • read surah fatiha 13 times before and after
  • then read 99 names of allah
  • then 7 times last 2 verses of surah baqarah
  •  last two verses of surah tuba

just do it once and pray to god for your desired goal and inshallah you will be successful.



wazifa jaldi shadi liye:

If some one is not getting a good companion for shadi and he is struggling for marriage this will make his/her worries go away.Take a piece of paper cut it into 7 pieces and write the verse of quran ”fa in tawalo faqul haseebullah ho la ilaha illa ho….till end” with saffron and rose water if possible otherwise with a green marker.Then burn the incense of uood and infuse all the 7 papers .Now write his concern on the end of each verse and tie them up with a pink string.Now put them in a hallow stick of bamboo stick and throw it in the running water.


wazifa for pasand ke shadi:

This wazifa for pasand ki shadi is very much of importance and in demand these days,lot of people are looking for a true solution to solve this problem and get married to the one the want and are desperate need of a relief ,they shall do the following to get their loved one make shadi to them.

  • 2100 times ayat kareema
  • fallowed by durood tanjina
  • ijazet from sheikh
  • burn rose incense
  • burn lamp of jasmine oil

Do this for for a 3 weeks and till the desired goal is achieved.Do not eat meat or any sort of fish items during the ritual and stay away from sex.


Islamic wazifa for shadi:

The secreat wizifa for shadi is to recite surah falaq for 3000 times in morning and 3000 times at night ,do this and see what it brings to you.happiness and fulfilment of your wish come true.

Mohabat ki shadi ka wazifa:

When two people are in love and other people are creating problems for their love shadi,if they both recite the great vazeefa of surah jinn daily for 70 times and say their prayers daily avoiding from all kind of sins New .all the hurdles in their marriage will vanish and they will be free from all the worries.proven and tested many times by lot of people.

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