Muslim Wedding Prayer Couple Nikah Successful, ” is one of the super duper ya ALLAH testimonials which is an evidence to those who are impatient, eager, and always complain to ALLAH Ta’ala, they never made a dua for every hard times they have been through.

Pyar Mein Pagal Karne Ka Wazifa

If a Muslim love someone, if a Muslim refrain himself from every haram activities, if a Muslim has kept his relationship in halal way, if a Muslim has avoided dating and keep on prayer to ALLAH Ta’ala for his marriage. If are in an illegible and forbidden relationship according to Islam, you need to break haram relationship with the one who you want to marry, and start making prayers for you Nikah, you will succeed, the prayers gonna be accept surely soon, Ameen. Reason being that you have obeyed the command of ALLAH for the sake of ALLAH. This is what happened with one of your lovely sister in Islam today.

Muslim Wedding Prayer Couple Nikah Successful

Islam never allow the relationship of boyfriend and girlfriend, this is absolutely forbidden. If you love someone, that should only be for a Halal reason which is only and only a Nikah. You are never allowed to date a girl or a boy. What teenagers are into these days. Camouflage with western culture is almost in every Muslim country now. Muslim couples loves to date each other, meeting in a lonely place, committing sins.

Even then they never realized what grievous sin they are crediting their account with. Muslim Wedding Prayer Couple Nikah SuccessfulAny Muslim couple should avoid following the footsteps of Shaitan. Refrain yourself from copying them. Remember!! we are not for this world but for afterlives Akhirah.

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