Easy Powerful Istikhara, “The best meaning of is istikhara is to seeking help or the best guidance form Allah According to Holy Quraan “It is possible that you dislike a thing which is Good for you and that you love a thing which is bad for you But Allah Know which is good or better for you so Always take help form Allah To Do Istikhara. Noori Ilm For Inter Caste Marriage

sometimes we forget to do istikhara and take our self decision becasue we are blind in love of that thing after that we knows that it is bad for us why we not take help from Allah.We also can judge that this thing is better for us or not but not know better so this is confusion stage then must do istikhara.Anyone can do istikhara for own purpose it is very easy and the best thing is that Istikhara is free and you can do it by others the person who are going to do istikhara for is the person who offer namaz daily and have good characters.

Easy Powerful Istikhara

You know most important issue we take help or guidance form Allah for that is good for us Go for Job or Study Abroad,Marriage,Work and before start new business.So here is the easy way to do istikhara to give you direction of Good or bad way keep in mind that there is no specific time for to do istikhara but before sleeping it is better because we can see the solution in our dreams

Istikhara Method:
First of Allah Offer Two Rakat Nafal Prayer
In First Rakat After Surah e Fatheha Recite Surah Al-Kafiroon
In Second Rakat Recite Sura e Ikhlas

After Finishing Namaz 11 times before and Last Read Darood e Ibrahim and Make Dua for what you are Going to do Say That Allah Show me that it is good or bad for me I am sinner I don’t Know the result which i am going to do but you know that is bad or good for me and then sleep.

quick istikhara on tasbeeh
istikhara by paper
istikhara with tasbeeh beads
shortest way of istikhara
how to do istikhara with quran
istikhara ka very simple tareeqa
rishte ke liye istikhara
istikhara for love marriage dua

Then Istikhara? How to do or perform istikhara for love

After istikhara believe on Allah and wait for the result if the decision you take is good for you then your way to to go will be easy if not the God will safe your form harm.

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